WABE's Concept of Mindfulness in Education

Our View of Children

The conceptual framework specifies binding basic requirements for all WABE FACILITY and their work. With this as a basis, the individual DAY CARE CENTRE have the discretion to "fill in" this defined framework according to their own needs and requirements.

The WABE centres are autonomous in that they align the work and activities to the needs of the children. Numerous factors are taken into account here, and are reflected by the services and activities offered, the design of the premises, and the inclusion of the surrounding environment. Consequently, the centres vary greatly from location to location and from district to district.

We want to make the everyday world easier to navigate by living a conscious life. In doing so, we provide the children with the stability, support, reliability and confidence needed to enhance and strengthen their lives after they finish their time at day care.

We agree that in our approach, we do not want targeted "occupations" and the mechanical exercise of skills whose performance could be measured by grades and exams. That yardstick was not invented by children, but rather is geared toward the adult mindset of setting and demanding performance goals.

Our job is thus to create a space for children to develop in their own way, on their own terms and at their own pace. In this context, our staff members are companions during a wide variety of situations and opportunities. Throughout the day, there are stations where every child can discover, explore, experience and experiment.

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