Mindfulness in Education

WABE DAY CARE CENTRE offer your child optimal educational, learning and development opportunities. We trust the curiosity and thirst for knowledge that children have, which they advance during their development.

We support children in their spontaneity and creativity. They master their child’s world through play and movement – the day care centre as an "island of play".

The "open concept" educational model is the foundation of our approach to child development. With this as the basis, our DAY CARE CENTRE in various social environments implement their own individual visions and ideas. Our centres are open to all children – regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, religion or social status – everyone is welcome!

Self-awareness, self-determination, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-responsibility: These are fundamental skills that children need to prepare for a life in our society, and skills that they can develop, learn and test out in our DAY CARE CENTRE.

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Inclusion – A Day Care Centre for all Children

Our DAY CARE CENTRE are inclusive. Every one of our professional educational staff is there for all children. Our special education professionals explain the individual circumstances of children with disabilities and special needs to both the teams and the other children.

The idea of inclusion and participation is the pillar of the community in our DAY CARE CENTRE. Every child and every adult is different and contributes to the community feeling of the centre with his or her own talents, skills, abilities, needs and potentials.

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The WABE Room Concept

The rooms in our DAY CARE CENTRE are creativity and learning landscapes for children.

WABE DAY CARE CENTRE offer a unique room concept with interesting and unique functional areas which provide a stimulating and encouraging environment that supports the individual developmental stages of each child.

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Self-directed Motor Development

WABE explicitly encourages and supports the self-directed motor development of children according to the principles of Emmi Pikler and Elfriede Hengstenberg. It is one of our key points in the concept of open mindfulness in education. Children strengthen and develop their body awareness, coordinate their movement sequences and patterns, and improve their sensorimotor functions.

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Growing Up Healthy

A healthy and nutritious diet and health promotion are essential components of the WABE concept.

We make sure to serve healthy, nutritious and wholesome food at all meals. Kneipp pools and infrared saunas help develop and strengthen our children's immune systems and their body's natural defences.

Educational activities focused on healthy nutrition, wellness, and personal body care and hygiene are a regular part of the programme in our DAY CARE CENTRE.

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Support in All Areas of Education

Our educational approach – open mindfulness in education – is applied to all areas of education. The educational recommendations and educational plans set forth by the German federal states serve as a binding basis in this respect.

We use them as the guiding framework for teaching and nurturing the children entrusted to us and they are continuously being further developed to ensure the quality of the educational activities and services we provide on-site.

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Participation of Parents

Our DAY CARE CENTRE are places for families – children and parents are warmly welcomed! We value and appreciate working together as an open, constructive and creative community.

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Quality Assurance

WABE Amman has been a member of the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Kita (Association for Quality in Day Care) under the umbrella of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Hamburg e.V. (Federation of German Welfare Associations) since 2005, with the aim of continuously further developing and assuring the quality of the services we provide.

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Open Concept

Our approach is aligned with the educational open concept model. With this as the basis, our DAY CARE CENTRE in various social environments implement their own individual visions and ideas.

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